You’ve baked a cake to Grandma’s favourite recipe, but don’t know how (or haven’t got the time) to ice it?
Bring it in and let Nanda cover & decorate the cake for you!
You’ve baked the cake and iced it, but haven’t any decorations, or don’t know what to put on it?

Come and discuss it with Nanda and her team at the shop. She’ll give you a few ideas!

Or if you look at her vast range of decorations, you’ll get a few ideas yourself!

But you don’t like baking cakes, or you’ve run out of time or ideas?
Visit Nanda. She might bake the cake for you and give you a few ideas from her experience, or show you her photo album of past cakes, or lend you a book from her extensive library.
So you would like to learn how to decorate cakes?
No problem! Nanda will teach you. Give her a call on 0417 403 970 or 02 9597 1289
Open hours

Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 5.30pm.

Saturday: 9.00am to 3pm.

Sunday: Closed

Items include
  • Sugar Flowers (mostly made by Nanda, but some imported)
  • Plastic Icing (Fondant), Bakels, marzipan, RTR, Royal Icing (for piping)
  • Moulding Paste
  • Cupcake Stands (acrylic, cardboard). For sale or hire
  • Cake Stands (including horse & carriage). For sale or hire
  • Cake tins (all shapes including numerals, novelty and cartoon). For sale or hire
  • Cake Boards (all shapes & sizes) including std.
  • Cake Boxes (all sizes)
  • Cake Decorating Tools (all types of cutters, smoothers, rolling pins, tips (nozzles), piping bags, mats, etc.
  • Ribbons (a small selection), cords and beads
  • Food Colours (a big selection of Wilton, Creative etc. Also sprinkles, petal dust and pens
  • Flavouring:  Essences, Chocolate (Belgian & Australian)
  • Cake Toppers made by Nanda and made by Nanda to order. Plastic figurines (humorous or otherwise)
  • Ornaments for Engagements, Christenings & Birthdays
  • Candles: Themed, numbered etc.