Nanda loves everything cake
and she is still very involved with the business day to day after 25 years.

Origins ...

Nanda originally came from Thailand in 1992. Previously she had been involved in the airline industry. While in Thailand she attended a weekend school and learnt to make flowers from bread and fabric as a hobby.

On coming to Australia, she worked in a cake shop and was taught sugar flower making by a Danish pastry cook. She saw that there was a large market for sugar flowers and made them at home, delivering them to various cake shops and raising a young son in the meantime.

At Nanda’s, we offer a wide range of decorations and any of our decorations can be made to order.

Expansion without losing core values

In 2001, Nanda rented a small shop in Earlwood NSW, where she sold her flowers, but after 18 months her business had outgrown the premises. So she looked for a new site. A larger shop was for sale in Bexley (a couple of kilometres away) and Nanda took the plunge and bought the premises, knowing that a lot of her customers would follow her.

By 2007, Nanda's business had outgrown this site also and fortunately for her, a double shop became available only 1 door away. She quickly moved to her present address.

Throughout her business career, Nanda has continually strived to cater for housewives (and sometimes fathers) who wish to bake and decorate their own cakes for children’s parties and other functions. Sometimes, customers have asked Nanda to also bake and decorate cakes for other occasions such as weddings too.

Come see for yourself

Nanda never likes to see a customer leave the shop empty-handed and so she stocks virtually every available item for domestic cake making and decorating. The product gallery on this website will give you an insight into what she has available, but only a visit to her shop will tell the whole story.

Nanda’s cake shop has been in the same building for over 22 years, so come and see us for all your needs. We are always here to help.

PS. The Bexley Shopping Village also has 2 bridal shops, 2 wedding invitation & bomboniere shops, a party shop, a clothing alteration shop, professional caterers and numerous photographers. Indeed, Bexley has become a large “one-stop” shop for weddings and parties.